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Nov 14, 2015

HeroForge Corridor Classes

I noticed that it's been years since I've said anything about Corridor. Honestly, though it's a fun game, ever since I played Betrayal at House on the Hill, I realized that the path to making a really cool, balanced board game is basically hopeless on my own. So I'll probably never draw the rest of the character classes on Photoshop, even though I only had three left to do.
Recently, I discovered a nifty site called HeroForge where you can design and have 3D printed your own custom miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons and whatnot. Though it would be cool to have my own miniatures for Corridor, each one costs $15 (low detail plastic) to $99 (heavy detailed brass), so I honestly don't know who benefits from the site. Luckily, though, they also just let you have an account and save your creations, so I played around with it a bit today and decided to make the Corridor classes. Most of them are as true as possible to the Photoshopped stickman drawings I did, and it was fun to use the available items, clothing, etc. I think the ones that turned out the best were the Rune Knight and the Battlemage.