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Mar 31, 2019

Poem: Dragon Eggs

So here's the story about this poem that I dug up this past weekend at my parents' house: In fifth grade there was a city poetry contest put on by the chamber of commerce or something... one of the chambers. Anyway, it covered all the school districts and age groups in Madison county. I decided to enter this poem, and I ended up winning an honorable mention and got to recite it in front of a lot people at a city presentation at the Rexburg Tabernacle. It's nonsensical and really kind of cheesy and pretentious in a childlike, innocent way, but I do have to admire my rhyming meter and syllabification. I've always had an amazing ear for making poetry sound perfectly organized. It goes with my editor nature, of course, but it's kind of interesting that I had that gift even twenty years ago just leaving elementary school.

I have no idea what a two-decker egg is or what an egg does when it's "crooking," but my rhymes were on point, at least—thinking about the odd topic I chose for this poem, I'd bet anything the first line just popped into my head one day and I just kept repeating it to myself till it was polished, long beyond the point of having any sense to it anymore. It's also noteworthy that the poem can be sung to a pirate song on an old Felix the Cat cartoon called "The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg." As much as I was tempted to fix the grammar and punctuation, I decided to just preserve it.

Dragon Eggs
Oh, the eggs in my wagon are those of a Dragon,
they're different. Yes, it is true.
For there's green ones and black ones and small, slightly cracked ones,
there's even some shades of bright blue.
There're eggs with spots and eggs with dots and eggs with red-and-white checkers.
Some eggs are weird-looking like ones that are crooking,
and bumpy and, strangely, two-decker!
So, if you see me pulling eggs and you see
that the eggs in the cart are real funny,
Then don't forget that the eggs that sit
in my wagon are worth lots of money.
The eggs in my wagon are those of a Dragon,
they're wonderful...
Yes, it is true.

Mar 14, 2019


I decided I'm going to start streaming! My friend ClassicJoog has given me some pointers, and provided I can get my internet to be a bit faster, it may be a fun supplemental thing to do when it comes to gaming and making Warcraft content. Mainly I'm doing this out of necessity, since a perk I promised my YouTube members involves a monthly stream, but I'm gonna do it right, with custom borders and badges and whatnot. Here's my first creation: a gif that appears when I get a new subscriber or donation!

Mar 12, 2019

Warcraft 3 Easter Eggs: Spells and Icons, Part 2:

Due to the volume of videos I've made on my channel, I've decided to make this my last video I share on this blog. If you want to see the rest, follow my channel. This is a good one to end on, too, since it basically closes up the entire series I've worked on up to this point, and it's my longest video to date.

I CAN NOT believe how big the channel has gotten. As of this writing, I have almost 10,000 subscribers, 10 members or patrons, 91 videos, and I've made about $500 off of ad revenue! I can't believe this! It's incredible that I happened to stumble on these secrets almost exactly three years ago, and turn them into an amazing way for me to share my love of Warcraft to the internet. I met a Blizzard developer, I get most of my viewers from Recommended videos on YouTube, and now I'm going to get into streaming! It's a dream come true. My only hope now is that someday I'll run into someone in real life who says "Hey! You're Abelhawk!"