Random Post

Nov 15, 2014

10 of My Quirks

Here are some interesting quirks of mine that I've identified in myself. Some of them are really weird, and others I have in common with members of my immediate family. It makes me wonder what quirks other people have. If you're comfortable sharing, post some of yours in the comments, or tell me which ones resonate with you!

  1. I have sensory issues. I hate touching slimy and smelly substances, such as lotion, dough, raw hamburger, oobleck (cornstarch and water), gooey soap, chapstick, and toothpaste.
  2. I hate words relating to smells and hygiene. They make me cringe just writing, hearing, or saying them. Examples are cream, perfume, breath, cologne, deodorant, lotion, paste, chapstick, lipstick, fresh, fragrance, lip gloss, scent, smell, odor, spray, spritz, sniff, whiff—If I don’t stop there I’m gonna throw up. You'll be really hard pressed to hear me say these words out loud unless I absolutely have to.
  3. I really like being in a dark room where outside there’s a light on, so there’s a rim of light around the door. It's especially comforting to fall asleep in this setting.
  4. I like seeing the sun shining on a white wall. Any enclosed sunlit areas that are secluded and quiet are very soothing places for me to be. I like to call the fung shui of these areas “majesty” (e.g. "That place has a lot of majesty.")
  5. On Sundays, I am always significantly more nostalgic and sentimental. Often on Sundays I will write in my journal, read old journals, look at old drawings and projects, and think about my childhood.
  6. Some of my nervous/bored ticks include sucking on pens, popping my ankle, stroking my mid-digit hair on my lips, stroking my bushy bushy eyebrows, snapping three fingers at once, licking and stroking my mustache, and curling my sideburn hair between my fingers (when it’s long enough).
  7. I often obsess about how I eat my food to get the most enjoyment out of it. In high school, I would eat the worst food first, then alternate bites from least favorite to favorite foods, saving the best bite of the best food for very last.
  8. I often have sympathetic, pitying reactions to certain things that haunt me for long periods of time. Examples are people wincing or being surprised while their mouth’s full or obstructed, little kids hanging their heads, innocent misunderstandings, and great anticipation followed by disappointment.
  9. When I flip the light switch off, I close my eyes at the same time and then open them slowly, to simulate a fade filter.
  10. I can concentrate much, much better on what something (say, a TV show, a lecturer, a professor, etc.) is saying if I'm doodling or working on some sort of art at the same time. Sometimes I pay attention so well, the art reminds me of the presentation whenever I see it afterward.

Nov 11, 2014

Battle Card 2.0: Black Magus

Hurray for graphic art! I got the idea to remake a few of my old Battle Cards, and while at it I decided to experiment with a new art style: overlaying textures over each color. I think this one turned out pretty well, and I'm excited to make four or five more to present to you!

The old version of the card looked a lot more like a Black Mage from the Final Fantasy series, so I added my own twist to his look. I also took some liberty in making the description a lot more interesting.

Nov 8, 2014

Word Lore

This has been an interesting year for projects. Even though I feel like I haven't given Pretzel Lectern as much attention as I would like, I've been busy working on projects like Knight Guy and some long-term projects like my autobiography.

This project was one I started a month ago on Facebook: Word Lore!

I came up with the idea for Word Lore last January, which means it's been stewing in my mind for almost a year. My idea was to make YouTube videos in the same style of shows like Vsauce, only talking about etymology. I even wrote up a couple of scripts, but I just couldn't find a good-looking setting to film myself in. My house is pretty small, and I don't have a green screen or anything, so I couldn't bring myself to make actual videos. I did reserve the YouTube channel name though, if it ever comes to that.

Instead, last month I decided to make a Facebook page. Since my Knight Guy page was going so well with a simple Facebook ad, I decided to reach out to a more scholarly audience and make a daily etymology page. As of today, it has over 1,500 likes and an active audience! It's been fun for me to present one of my passions, language, with over a thousand people around the world. And since there are so many different words to use, I'll be able to keep this up as a daily gig for the foreseeable future! I can even set a theme for each month. Last month was Halloween terms, and this month is foods.

If you're interested in etymology (and who isn't, really?), tell your friends about Word Lore. It's a lot of fun and every like and share helps me stay motivated.

It's a fun year for projects. 2014 really set the stage for the next few years as I write an entire comic storyline and provide daily word ditties!