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Jan 25, 2013

New Page: Abelhawk's Top 5

I love lists. Don't you love checklists? Checking a box on a checklist is literally like gaining an achievement on a video game! I also love "Top 10" lists. It's fun to celebrate perfection by giving books and movies and things a place of honor in a Top 10 list. To have fun with this, and to let you all learn a little more about me, I've created a page called Abelhawk's Top 5, (Some things are just too hard to group in 10's) on the right. Feel free to check it out, and have you visited my other pages? You might find something interesting.
I recognize my interests are so diverse, and sometimes I feel this blog appeals to such a scarce percentage because so many people's interests are completely unlike mine, and I focus mainly on the things that entertain me.
If you'd like to see something on the blog, though, please let me know! And thanks for coming here to Pretzel Lectern in the first place.
Later days!
~ Abelhawk

Jan 24, 2013

February is Data Month!

Guess what, friends? Inspired by Nicholas Felton of feltron.com, I’ve come up with an awesome project for this next month of February. It rivals the dedication of my Techno-Quaresma of 2011, and it’ll yield interesting results! May I introduce to you…

fThat’s right, starting February 1, 2013, I’m going to carry a notepad in my pocket at all times, jotting down statistics of everything I do with my life for the period of one month! Then I’ll share these statistics here on Pretzel Lectern to see what a typical month for me is like. Here are some examples of the categories I’m going to record:

- Hours slept
- Restaurants eaten at
- Emails received
- Texts received
- Pictures taken
- Times gone to the restroom
- Average wake up time
- Meals eaten (and a list of every item consumed!)

I’ll probably even do subcategories of the quantity values, so that I can have percentage values. For example, on emails received, what percentage were from family, spam, friends, school, etc.
If you want to make sure that I record a stat you’re interested in, let me know before the 1st so I can put a place for it on my notepad. Let the tally-marking begin in one week!

Jan 23, 2013

Quite Small Tales volume 4

Chon-Chon hated his English class because the teacher always picked on him. One day, after being the butt of the class’s laughter yet again, Chon-Chon asked his teacher: “Teacher, why do you always pick on me?” The teacher replied, “Because you’re just so pickable!” Chon-Chon, realizing the injustice of not being able to pick on the teacher back, replied “Well, you’re despicable!”
Totongo was on a date with a girl. After seeing a concert they went to a buffet afterwards to eat dinner. Seeing that there were fewer chairs than people, Totongo suggested that he move quickly through the line to save a seat for him and his date. He found a seat and sat down to eat his salad. His date arrived some time later, and stood next to her chair on the other side of the table. After several seconds, Totongo was confused as to why she wasn’t seated. Thinking she had forgotten something, he asked her what was wrong. “I don’t want to tell you,” said his date. Totongo assumed it was personal, and asked her if he could help. “No,” she answered. After several moments of awkwardness, and after having attracted the attention of several onlookers, his date finally hinted that she wished to be seated by him.
One day, Dinko's mother Tinga bought him new clothes and asked him to try them on. “No,” said Dinko. “I don’t need new clothes.” “Alright,” said Tinga. “But at least let me see if they’re your size. Then I’ll take them back.” When Dinko was putting on his clothes, Tinga told his older brothers and sisters to compliment Dinko’s clothes when he emerged. They smothered him with compliments about his new clothing. “Thank you for trying them on, Dinko,” said Tinga. “You can take them off so I can bring them back to the store now.” “No,” said Dinko. “I like them.”

Jan 17, 2013

Recipe #3: Deconstructed Salad

I'm not a huge salad kind of guy. If I have the choice at a restaurant, I'll usually go for the soup, since I am a huge soup kind of guy. But I do like salad and vegetables. Sometimes I even crave them. But this recipe I invented is the most craveable of all. The Cruncher Salad combines the crunchiness of a vegetable dip tray with the personality of a side salad. Why chop all of them up when you can make a salad inside your own mouth?

Deconstructed Salad
"No assembly required!"

  • Lettuce
  • 1 handful baby carrots
  • 1-2 stalks celery, trimmed
  • Half a cucumber
  • Ranch dressing
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 facet bell pepper, or 2 or 3 mini peppers (optional)
  • A few black olives (optional)
  1. Cut a wedge out of the head of lettuce and place on your plate.
  2. Put a handful of baby carrots around and over the lettuce.
  3. Toss the celery stalk, cucumber and green pepper on there too. 
  4. Drizzle with ranch dressing.
  5. Grind pepper onto the salad.
  6. Method of eating: Take a bite of the lettuce, then eat a baby carrot, a bite of celery, cucumber and green pepper. Enjoy the satisfying crunch of vegetables that haven't been cut up! It's a salad being made and eaten at the same time in your mouth!
YIELD: 1 salad.

Washes down well with...  Any actual entrée, such as steak, a burger, chicken, etc. Oh, and probably water.

Jan 14, 2013

Disturbing Snowman

I saw this snowman on the way to school today. Couldn't pass up making a creepy video about it.

Jan 2, 2013

AustinCraft finished!*

Well, I can't find anything else to change on Minecraft's original texture pack, so AustinCraft is ready for release! (I also wanted to do it now that the latest update is out)
If you're a Minecraft player, consider trying out my texture pack and see what you think. I didn't modify the whole look of Minecraft like other texture packs do; I merely fixed a few annoyances I thought were lacking.
Go here to download the Texture Pack and check out what things it changes!
*AustinCraft is subject to change, and therefore is not completely finished. As Minecraft is updated, Abelhawk will do his best to keep AustinCraft updated as well.