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Dec 11, 2011

New Project: Epic Chess

Ideas for engaging projects have been scarce of late, but as I was playing at a chess "tournament" last week I remembered an idea I came up with nearly two years ago: Epic Chess.
The idea was to make a bunch of cards that one could use with any regular chessboard that would add additional strategy and fun to the game. The rules are still vague, if not nonexistent as yet; however, I think the cards are a fun concept and worth working on. Some ideas for cards I have so far are:
  • Strike: Destroy any one enemy pawn on the board.
  • Haste: Allow a piece to take two turns in a row(only one attacking turn).
  • Stealth: Allow a piece to move through friendly units this round.
  • Control: Move an enemy piece this turn.
I have more, but I'll introduce them as the project unfolds. I probably won't worry about making them all like the one above. First I'll just make simple ones on 3x5 note cards and balance them with my friends.
This project will at least give me satisfaction similar to Corridor's, if not motivation to continue working on it again.