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The Heroes of Silvermoon D&D Campaign

In early 2017, my coworkers and I started a D&D campaign that we played during our lunch break. It began taking place in the Warcraft universe, but eventually we decided to experiment with switching Dungeon Masters after every self-contained adventure, and since the other Dungeon Masters didn't know anything about Warcraft like I did, we decided to shift the setting to a more general one instead.

Switching Dungeon Masters allowed each of us to practice DMing for a group, with all of the adventure preparation involved, worldbuilding, and adjudication; as well as have a player character of our own that we could play on our off-adventures. I'm happy to say that through orchestrating this D&D group, I was able to introduce three people to their first Dungeons & Dragons game ever (at least one of which has gone on to play in other groups as a result), and three people (two of which were new to D&D entirely) to their first experience DMing for us. And all the while we became really good friends as a result.

All of us did a great job in crafting a world and story together. Though the separate adventures were somewhat disjointed, the ability to build upon the work of others was priceless, and the resulting memories of fun together will always be with us, even though we've all parted ways since.

Here is a table of contents with a list of all the chapters. You can jump from one chapter to the next within the posts themselves. I hope you enjoy! My own player character in the storyline is Xilmar Dawnheart (and later, Dhirktelonis Rhogar).

Chapter 1: The Cultist
Chapter 2: Arena Games
Chapter 3: Phoenix Sorcery
Chapter 4: The Half-Moon Crucible
Chapter 5: Castle Mistamere
Chapter 6: Bringing Back the Dead
Chapter 7: The Curse of House Lightwalker
Chapter 8: Captured
Chapter 9: Far from Home
Chapter 10: Through the Underdark
Chapter 11: A New Port of Kings

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