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Jun 30, 2012

Spotlight: Final Quest

Usually after working on a project for a certain space of time, I get bored and discouraged at the amount that I have to work on, and I put the project on hold. Usually the hiatus for that particular project can last for months. However, about a month ago I got into working on my role-playing game, Final Quest, and I'm happy to say it's been weeks and weeks of nonstop work! Though the plot is still very hard for me to rough out, I just have kept pressing on and not worrying too much about the bugs.

The story of Final Quest begins in a way slightly similar (in mechanics anyway) to some Metroid games. You begin with an immensely powerful character with all of the abilities you will have someday, only to lose him after a single quest. I did this because I think it's fun to have a taste of amazing abilities that you will come upon again later, to give you incentive to raise your level as high as possible.

Specifically, the story is of Roland, a warrior and prince of the kingdom of Graycrown, who is being trained in the arts of war and questing. He was sent on a quest with Victus, the most powerful paladin in the realm, to capture King Aglis' brother, Duke. As all Jedis and paladins should know, the worst thing to do is lose your temper. But after a long journey of questing and fighting countless enemies pretty much solo, Victus lets his emotions get the better of him and kills Duke. The king is furious, and banishes Victus to the dungeons. He blames himself for putting Roland on such a mission, and sends Roland back to Rayoph, the master of the Adventurer's Guild.

The Adventurer's Guild is one of my favorite areas that I thought up, another being the Grand Laboratory (where health potions are produced for all video games). In the Adventurer's Guild, people can come with complaints about things needing done or monsters needing killed, and for a small fee, the Guild will log the quest so that other people seeking money, glory, and experience can accept the quest.
In this case, you fulfill a boring rat-killing quest first, but are quickly led on to a more difficult quest that becomes increasingly sinister... Or at least, that's what I'm hoping for. It is extremely difficult to come up with a substantial plot at all, not to mention crazy twists. I don't know how authors do it.

Final Quest is available for playtesting, and frankly I would love some help with suggestions for the plot, or any game aspect. Anyone interested can download it here. No programs or specifications on your computer necessary.
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