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May 27, 2017

Warcraft Resources for D&D 5e

Man, this is one of those projects I just look at and think "Did I really do all of this?" I've definitely got lost in this document. Ever since I discovered Critical Role at the beginning of the year and subsequently bought the core rulebooks for Dungeons & Dragons 5e, assembled materials to be a Dungeon Master, and played some of my first games, I've tried to adapt the Warcraft universe to a playable setting. I began by creating my own custom races, and after balancing them with some help from people online, I decided to add deities to help DMs interested in playing a Warcraft setting design clerics. I also realized that I'd better add an items/weapons section to add in the appropriate information for the exotic weapons used by the custom races, and before I knew it, I now had a 16-page document detailing everything from new mechanics to changed spell names to lore considerations in the Warcraft universe.

Anyway, long story short, here it is if you'd like to check it out or use it for your 5e game! I know there are more professionally done ones out there, but it's worth looking at anyway. It might just be perfect for your style of play if you're wanting to make a Warcraft-focused campaign. Special thanks to Chris Metzen/Blizzard Entertainment for the art, and the original Warcraft Roleplaying Game for 3.5th edition D&D.

The link to the file is at the end of this article, but here's just a quick preview of some of the changes:

  • 13 New Races: Wildhammer Dwarves, Pandaren, Goblins, Trolls, Tauren, and more!
  • New Weapons and Explosive Items: Including moonglaives and tauren totems.
  • 30+ Deities for Warcraft Clerics!
  • Lore Change Options: New planes of existence skins, suggestions for Warcraft spell names, languages, paladin orders, and class tweaks.
  • Bonus: A variant rule for spellcasting components that simplifies gathering for components that cost gold!
  • and More!

May 26, 2017

Warcraft III Easter Eggs Bonus: Models (Part 2)

Not much to say at this point, other than I'm getting burned out from these again. Well, that's not true. Mostly I'm just starting to care less about little details or accuracy. I'm not a pro, after all. I do all my research for these in-house with no help except from YouTube comments. Pretty good all things considered.

May 10, 2017

WarCraft Easter Eggs Bonus: Models

I'm back into my one claim to fame, the Warcraft III Easter Eggs series! This time I'm looking at the models in the game. It was fun to look closely at each model and see some of the things that make the game tick. Once again, there doesn't seem to be many resources online that talk about the things I've found, so I just keep filling that empty niche. You're welcome, everyone. The ending of this video was unexpectedly fun to make. My only explanation for its weirdness is that I just do what the Muse dictates.

This was also my chance to celebrate having more than 1,000 YouTube subscribers! Woot!

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