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Nov 28, 2020

HeroForged Corridor Tokens

 Who knows, maybe Corridor could be conceivably ported to a service like Roll20 in the future. Eh, who am I kidding? I'm just having fun with my month of subscription to Hero Forge. It does make me wonder what Corridor could have become if I hadn't realized how much better D&D is.

Nov 26, 2020

HeroForged Corridor Classes: Hybrids

 I just realized my first batch of HeroForged classes was posted in November as well! Huh!

Nov 23, 2020

HeroForged Corridor Classes: Warriors

 HeroForge has gotten better by massive leaps and bounds since I made this post five years ago. With color, textures, more props, and especially poses, I was able to remake all of my original Corridor classes that I made eight years ago. It's a great tool for D&D, and it's been fun to use to remake a lot of stuff like this.

Nov 20, 2020

Corridor Class Pictures Set #5

 Is six years too long of a break from these? :D Since HeroForge updated to implement coloration, I've been messing around with it in my free time, and in doing so I decided to remake all these Corridor classes in a much better form. However, I realized that in order to do that, I needed to actually finish the final three classes first. So I did. And here they are. Many years later.

Also, after all these years and all the hours coloring Knight Guy by hand, I finally figured out how to use the Threshold adjustment to cut down coloring time! That makes me kind of angry, but maybe it'll be a factor in returning to drawing my beloved webcomic. Who knows? It was indeed really fun to come back to graphic art after this long break.

Below are a list of all the other classes. Also, remember that Attack = †, Defense = ♜, Magic = ☆, and Magic Defense = ☯


balanced rogue class
It may be the prospect of an adventure that draws the Alchemist to descend into the halls of the Dungeon, or perhaps a chance to study the twisted minions within. At any rate, the Alchemist does not come unprepared. Knowledgeable in both weaponry and spellcasting, he hopes to leave the dungeon alive with a stronger will, a heavier coinpurse, and a name for himself among the legends of history.

attack-offensive rogue class
The Assassin has a strong affinity to shadow, as it hides him in his dark pursuits, and it is perhaps this that draws him to the Dungeon. Armed with knowledge of both steel and magical attacks, the Assassin seeks to end the lives of his foes and steal their treasure as covertly as possible. Perhaps the strongest desire of the Assassin is to seek out the Dungeon’s master and prove to himself that he can snuff out the life of even the mightiest of foes.

balanced rogue class
 STATS: †☆
The legends of the untold wealth held within the Dungeon by its dark minions has long since enticed the Mercenary, and his one goal upon entering is to take as much of it for himself as possible. Having come prepared with a basic knowledge of fighting and defense, the Mercenary hopes to be able to use both steel and the powers of the elements to relieve his foes of treasure and valuable artifacts.

balanced mage class
Having trained his whole life in the arts of restoration, countering and the expulsion of dark magic, the Priest wishes most to see the destruction of the Master of the dungeon. He comes prepared with indomitable faith and courage to press forward at all costs and banish the Dungeon’s Master back to the endless shadow from whence he materialized. Though the Priest is not greatly specialized in any form of personal attack, he is armed with resolute determination to proceed alone or at the support of stronger adventurers.

Other classes:

Nov 13, 2020

Inktober 2020 Entries!

Inktober was a ton of fun, even though I ended up getting behind and only finishing today. I'm definitely going to make this a yearly tradition. This month gave me the chance to get out of my comfort zone, learn some figure drawing, draw several things I've never drawn before in my life, and practice techniques like varying line width. These all look like perfect candidates for drawings that I can color digitally later, so stay tuned for that, maybe as a month project in six months or something.

Without further ado, here are all the drawings from Inktober 2020 along with their prompts! Also, you can mouse over each drawing to get some commentary on them.