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Feb 15, 2011

Poem #4: The Partner's Revenge

I know you're all sick of poems and want to see some prose. Well, so am I. But no worries!(as the Australians would say) I'm learning loads(as the Brits would say) about literature and what makes it good. You can expect to see at least some chapters from stuff in the near future.
A little background on this poem... it's inspired by the song by the Decemberists The Mariner's Revenge Song, and even fits with the music for the most part. If you want to sing this poem of mine to its tune, feel free to listen along here to the original to get the music down.

The Partner’s Revenge
Austin Ballard

Sir, would it be a crime
To take some of your time?
Just take a look behind that pane.

All calm and nonchalant
Inside that restaurant,
And here am I out in the rain.

Sir, do you think it’s fair
That he sits in his chair,
And I must suffer in the cold?

It makes no sense to me,
Under this sopping tree—
I guess our story’d best be told.

Years ago, that man you saw was a friend of mine.
But alas, our friendship never stood the test of time…

We were the best of mates,
Building bridges and city gates—
Perhaps you’ve heard our company’s creed.

Our every profit shared,
Our business unimpaired
By selfish envy, spite or greed.

Then one day my friend and I made a new advance.
The key to challenging our rivals’ business stance…

But then behind my back
That friend of mine attacked,
And claimed the credit all his own.

He grew to wealth and fame,
The firm forgot my name,
And I was left a beggar all alone.

Funny how quick a man’s renown can all disappear…
Dragged away, his laugh the last thing I could hear…

Oh look—Is this his car?
With its window ajar?
Looks like, indeed, there’s Providence!

I’ll drop a present in—
A pleasant gift for him
Something to prove the wretch he is.

The deed’s already done!
It’s time for me to run—
You’re free to tell them if you’d like.

But what’s an eyewitness
To a man who doesn’t exist?
Such a beautiful counter-strike!