Random Post

Jul 18, 2011


Since the dawn of time as I know it, I can always remember being obsessed with inventing projects for myself to work on. Having a project waiting for me at home, or in my backpack at school, for me to work on in my free time, was an aspect of my life that made me always look forward to feelings of achievement and accomplishment.

Having a project meant having something to plan, brainstorm, and daydream about whenever I had a boring stretch of waiting in line, or in a waiting room, or doing chores. As I began my seasonal job of mowing lawns several years ago, much of my day was spent in contemplation, the processing of my mental schematics drowning out the noise of the motor beneath me.

Granted, not all of my countless projects were ever completed. I can think of very few, in fact, that I actually could stand back and hand the keys to Perfect Satisfaction himself and say "She's yours." I find myself today even starting a WarCraft III map or writing a story, spending weeks in ecstatic anticipation, only to eventually grow bored of it and move on to something new.

Even so, this doesn't subtract from their value and my respect for previous, perhaps never-to-be-finished projects gathering dust on shelves, in computer folders, or in cardboard boxes. It only increases my admiration for past inspirations and gives me hope to one day make something better.

I have taken the time these past couple weeks (and I'm still adding things here and there) to make a page on my blog listing my biggest projects. It has been both nostalgic, encouraging, and exciting for me to recall all of my greatest works that I've worked on for so many years. Some have rekindled the fire of enthusiasm I had for them when they were in development. I invite you to walk through the dusty museum of my Project List and glance, at least for a moment, the symbols of my moments of dedication. You may not understand them at all, or perhaps the extent of what the project is will not be clear to you; But as for me, they are flames ignited from my personal spark of creation.

We have all within ourselves the urge to create, for we are the offspring of the most creative Being in the universe. I look forward to countless other projects, finished or started, in the course of my sojourn in this world. My imagination couldn't be happier!

Jul 10, 2011

Project List up!

Hey! Check out my Project List here for a list of past and present projects I've worked on. More on this later.