Random Post

Jul 29, 2012

A nine-month project finished, an eighteen-year project begun!

Well, Pretzelheads---just kidding. Can you freaking imagine if I jumped on that bandwagon??--- I haven't posted anything this month out of sheer lack of free time. My wife just gave birth to the adorable daughter you see above, and we love being parents. She came on July 10th at about 6:00 in the morning, as the rising sun seemed to symbolize the dawn of a brand new life. Seeing her face appear out of nowhere after nine months was the most miraculous event I have ever experienced. I couldn't believe that such a perfectly beautiful little creature had somehow been constructed inside my wife's body. The moment of her birth was as if God Himself was unveiling a glorious painting and saying "Here it is! What do you think?"

The human body itself is a miracle. I have been listening quite frequently to WNYC's RadioLab lately, and though I agree with the scientific findings of evolution, genetics, biology and psychology, I also know that there is a God who organized it all. There are those who don't believe in Deity who would claim that, in an infinite universe with finite possibilities, anything is impossible within an infinite space of time. Logically, that may make sense, but it does not taint my firm belief that God is the true Architect of the universe, and the Father of our spiritual selves.

The feelings I experienced as my daughter was born confirmed this even further. As terrestrial life was created from nothing more than love, I thought of my own birth, an eternity ago for my finite brain to comprehend, and yet a small moment's time in history.

I am very grateful for my daughter, and try to savor every day with her on the earth. I can't imagine mistreating her even in the hardest of times. If Providence permits, may she remain on this earth healthy and happy, with friends and talents developing, and someday pass on her own seed to generations unborn.