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Apr 29, 2013

Chariots of Water

Hey all! Just finishing up my vacation, and I finally got Adobe Premier Pro! So I'll hopefully be able to put up some excellent videos soon. But until then, here's just a simple video I made with my brothers last year (keeping with my tradition of releasing vids at least 6 months after making them).

Apr 14, 2013

Super Mowing Job 2

I made this as a training video for my dad's mowing business, Brent's Lawn & Leisure. Not bad for having used Windows Movie Maker.

Apr 9, 2013

Corridor Class Pictures Set #3

Here's the next batch!
Attack = , Defense = , Magic = , and Magic Defense = ☯. 

defensive mage class
 STATS:  ☆☯☯
The Wizard’s sole objective in entering the Dungeon is the seeking out of wisdom. With every battle or trap he encounters, the Wizard is always glad to have another lesson he can learn from. Armed with magic spells and wards, as well as his considerable wits, the Wizard knows that the only way he can match his powers with that of the dungeon’s master is through an unbreakable strategy.

Rune Knight
magic-defensive hybrid class
 STATS:  ☆♜♜
The Rune Knight is a member of a mysterious order—a guild of warriors who bear the secrets of Runic magic. Holding to an age-old prophecy of a better world, the Rune Knight seeks to eliminate the prophecy’s last remaining obstacle: the dreaded Dungeon and its inhabitants. Armed with ancient knowledge and skilled in combat defense, the Rune Knight is prepared to risk death headlong to fulfill his duty to the Runic Order.

magic-offensive hybrid class

The Battlemage’s zeal looks past the treasures and artifacts here, instead anticipating his true reward for the Dungeon’s conquest: freedom. Having been born a slave, the Battlemage has been brought up a gladiator and trained in both physical defense and magical attacks to prepare for the final, fate-deciding arena that is the Dungeon. Every scar on his body is a sign of a past victory, and he is prepared and willing to suffer many more to secure his place as the Dungeon’s victor. Only then can he have his own life, free from the stares of the crowd and the heat of combat.

These are transparent .PNG files, by the way. Click on them to see them more clearly against a darker backdropThis gives you
more of an appreciation for the effects hidden on a white background, especially these spell effects.

Apr 8, 2013

Inconceivable Logic

I have recently learned a little about Logic in my semantics class, and decided to make a logical diagram of Vizzini's reasoning in the Battle of Wits on the Princess Bride. I have used the film version, rather than the book version.
I know next to nothing about Logic, so if anyone has any corrections, let me know. It was mostly for fun, however, and all we can determine from Vizzini's logic is that he was trying to stall Westley all along and pull a fast one on him. Socrates and Galileo morons, eh? Well, who's the man who poisoned both the goblets and lived? Not you, Mr. Sicilian!

An Attempt at a Logical Diagram of the Battle of Wits

Where v=Vizzini, w=Westley, a=australia, g1=Westley’s goblet, and g2=Vizzini’s goblet

Proposition 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

~vFOOL     but     (wKNOW & wCOUNT-ON<~vFOOL>
    ~vCHOOSEg2                         ~vCHOOSEg1                  _   _  _ 

Proposition 2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

iocaineCOME-FROMa & criminalsPEOPLEa & criminalsUSED-TO<~peopleTRUSTcriminals>

Proposition 3--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

wBEATgiant→wSTRONG         wBESTspaniard→wSTUDY
             wPUT-INg2            but     wLEARN<manMORTAL>
        ~vCHOOSEg2                   wPUT-FAR-AWAYpoison


Apr 1, 2013

I got published!!

Hey everyone, I finally finished a ten-minute short film I've been working on with my friends for the past four years, and some people on YouTube actually published it! Click here to watch it!