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Aug 28, 2012

Poem in Amoledhese

Hey, I promise I have some cool stuff planned to post on the blog soon. Just looking for time to put it all together now that school started up again. In the meantime, I translated a stanza of one of my poems into Amoledhese! It's a lame excuse for a post, I know, but Amoledhese hasn't been seen in awhile, so I thought I'd bring it back for a bit.

Ezh-yerr Arr Yildh Iyzh 
Mu bleonsh ib zhyonzhu woalc ansh e
yolo yardhenth enn ko semm.
Yo zhalosh azh arr ko semnazhec
ansh arr ko dhinzhlavzheinj kou yolo enn..
//E nopol dhiysh yildh iyzh redho gej.// E jaesh..
Ansh thapo a do’oved thlenn..

As always, go here to look up pronunciation (If you know IPA) and translation.