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Speaking Amoledhese

I have created a new language! With experience from my Languages 321 class and a little free time, I managed to create a fairly easy-to-translate language I call Amoledhese(pronounced kind of like "a mole o' these"). I may post in Amoledhese from time to time, so if you want to know what I'm saying, you've come to the right page! The pronunciation/translation rules are all here at your disposal.

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The pronunciation will be a little tricky to those who don't understand IPA... which is probably everyone. Below is a basic guide. Keep in mind that Amoledhese is phonetic, unlike English. Each letter always makes its sound, unless specified above in the rules.

A = autumn
E = egg
I = cheese
O = oat
U = clue
Y = miss / yam

AE = egg
IY = (for lack of a better example) Korea
EO = book
OA = Noah(with stress on the ah)

B = bed
C = pooch
D = dog
Dh = thee
F = frog
G = grade
Kh = Bach

J = just
K = clam, crack
L = lisp
M = mutton
N = nothing
Ň = sing
P = clap
R = reed
S = jumps
T = cartoon
Th = thing
V = vice
Z = jazz