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Monday, December 31, 2012

Corridor Class Pictures Set #1

I've been getting into graphic illustration a lot lately! It's just fun to see my mundane G2 doodles turn into full-color shaded masterpieces.
These are three classes from Corridor, which I've illustrated and added a description to that will be in the manual. While writing the descriptions, I decided to give each class a motive for entering the Dungeon, such as a desire for riches or glory, that corresponded to that class. I have no idea how far Corridor will go, but I'll probably just post the manual online so that the full color pictures can be admired.
Anyway! Here are three of the sixteen classes playable in Corridor. For the purposes of limited font symbols, Attack = , Defense = , Magic = , and Magic Defense = ☯.
berzerker warrior class
 The Barbarian enters the Dungeon with the sole desire to prove himself stronger than the creatures of the darkness within. The very thought that treasure is being hoarded by monsters weaker than him fills him with rage, and his goal is to liberate it as soon and as powerfully as possible. Barbarians believe that the best defense is a good offense, preferring to seek  the most powerful weapons available rather than weigh themselves down with armor. In this way the Barbarian can cleave his way to the top of the pyramid of brute strength and power.


defensive warrior class
STATS:  ♜♜
The goal of the Paladin is to expel evil at any costs. Harboring a strong grudge against the creatures of darkness, the Paladin seeks to illuminate the Dungeon with the light of vengeance and retribution. Armed with a strong devotion to the gods and a knowledge of armor and weapons, the Paladin’s ultimate goal is to do his part to rid the Dungeon—and the world—of all forms of evil.

magic-offensive rogue class
STATS:  ☆☆
Wielder of the mystical ormerods, or weapon-conjuring artifacts, the Spellsword’s motive in entering the Dungeon is as much a mystery as is his entire race. Hailing from unknown lands, the Spellsword seems to gain satisfaction merely from practicing his deadly fighting arts and reaping the glittering rewards from his defeated enemies.

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