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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Corridor Class Pictures Set #2

Six down, ten to go! Remember, Attack = , Defense = , Magic = , and Magic Defense = ☯.
To see the first set, click here.

berzerker mage class
 STATS:  ☆☆☆
 The Warlock feels at home the moment he descends into the darkness of the Dungeon, but he does not wish to befriend its inhabitants. His soul bound to the Demon Realm, the Warlock desires to use his powerful magic attacks to cleanse the Dungeon of its unworthy weaklings and claim it for himself. His ultimate foe is the dungeon’s Master, whom he hopes to defeat, destroy, and replace; for power is the only desire worthy of one so power-ridden as the Warlock.

offensive warrior class
  The Knight enters the dungeon with a firm objective to defeat the enemies within out of loyalty to the king he serves. To the Knight, that the creatures of the darkness exist is a mockery to his lord’s glory, and the treasure they hold rightfully belongs to the kingdom’s treasury. With a balance of attack skills and defensive tactics, the Knight yearns to prove his fervor and devotion through the complete conquest of the Dungeon.

offensive mage class
 STATS: ☆☆☯

The calculating Sorcerer has always had a strong interest in magic, and seeks to learn as much about it as possible... preferably through raw practice in the Dungeon. The minions he sees inside, vainly guarding their treasures, are mere targets for his power—their blocking of the way to their master a minor challenge he is willing to accept. Though his magicks are formidable, he is also wary and has not come without an understanding of magical defense as well.

These are transparent .PNG files, by the way. Click on them to see them more clearly against a darker backdrop. This gives you more of an appreciation for the effects hidden on a white background, especially these spell effects.

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