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May 24, 2021

Relic Project: "Guide"/Legends of Mynn 1: Characters

Alright, something to know about me if you didn't already: I love games. I always have. I always grew up thinking I'd be a video game designer in the future, and I wasted no time in my childhood investing in that future. I would draw screenshots of games I was going to make, complete with UI. I would write Warcraft II-style manuals for games, describing units and abilities and everything without even designing the game first. And then, there were projects like this.

It's a .txt file simply called "Guide," and apparently it's a walkthrough / README for a game I was going to make someday. The date stamp of the file is 2006, which is unfortunate, because that must have been either when I accidentally updated it or moved it from one computer to another and the original date got overwritten, because I wrote it much earlier—I'm guessing around 2000 or 2001. Maybe earlier though.

I'm so glad it's survived up to this point, though. It's such an interesting look at my early child game designer mind. I remember picturing the characters in my head and how they would look (of course in pixely graphics because that's just what I thought computer graphics looked like by definition), but not so much how the game worked, as you'll see in its descriptions. I know it seems to have been inspired by some aspects of Lords of Magic, but the way combat is described in the walkthrough and moves list are confusing.

It's funny how thorough I am in every aspect of it, though I neglected to come up with an actual title for the game. Though some parts are impressive, it's clear that I had no idea how games were created. It's cute how I even came up with cheat codes for it and descriptions for how to use the "Level Editor." I always loved when games came with editors.

Anyway, presenting "Guide," or "Legends of Mynn" or whatever it might have ended up to be. I've restructured things for easier reading here to get a better idea of how I intended it to be red, but I've preserved the wording for the most part. Today I'll just highlight the characters in the game.


1. The Characters

All characters have 200 energy and/or mana points each.


Age: 40
Health: 140/140
Type: Arch-Warrior
Weapon: Axes

Graivalas (gri-VOL-oss) was a loyal guard for Mynn until he decided to lead a more interesting life. Then he served the King as their delegate and arch-warrior.

  • Slice. Swings his axe real hard straight forward for 40 damage. (40 EP)
  • Split. Swings his axe real hard at a selected angle for 40 damage. (50 EP)
  • Fury. Swings two axes in an "X" motion, dealing 60 damage. (80 EP)
  • Hurl. Throws a big axe forward for 80 damage. (90 EP, 10 damage to self)
Special Attacks:
  • Wave Spin. Spins a big axe in a circle around him and fires a big fire wave for 90 damage. (90 EP)
  • Liquify. Set a number. Graivalas deals that much damage to the enemy and to himself. (0 EP)


Age: 91
Health: 100/100
Type: Wizard
Weapon: Staff/Magic

Falamorr (fal-UH-mar)* is the head Mage in the Mynn Mage tower. Each day he researches long hours in the Arcane Arts and learns magic.

  • Jab. Pokes an enemy with his staff for 10 damage. (10 EP)
  • Ball Lightning. Shoots a ball of lightning straight forward, dealing 40 damage. (10 EP, 30 MP)
  • Bolt. Shoots a ball of lightning at a selected angle, dealing 40 damage. (20 EP, 30 MP)
  • Thunder Ball. Just like Ball Lightning but bigger, and deals 50 damage. (10 EP, 40 MP)
  • Tempest. Conjures a storm that fills up the whole screen, dealing 60 damage to enemies. (70 MP)
Special Attacks:
  • Kamikaze. Uses all but one of your HP and kills three enemies. (99 damage to self)
  • Double Thunder Ball. Fires two Thunder Balls at selected angles, dealing 70 damage each. (90 EP, 40 damage to self)


Age: 18
Health: 110/110
Type: Archer
Weapon: Crossbow

The only daughter of Ghavius, Taion (TIE-onn) is an almost fully experienced archer and serves as the second-in-command Mynn Guard.

  • Bolt. Fires her crossbow straight forward for 10 damage. (20 EP)
  • Pray. Restores 90 hit points to an ally. (30 EP)
  • Holy Tear. Instantly kills an enemy. (200 EP, 30 damage to self)**
Special Attacks:
  • Boomerang. Throws her crossbow as a boomerang straight forward, dealing 50 damage to three enemies. (50 EP)
  • Beamerang. Throws her crossbow as a boomerang at a selected angle, dealing 60 damage. (60 EP)
  • Firedart. Shoots a flaming arrow straight forward, dealing 70 damage. (90 EP)


Age: 82
Health: 150/150
Type: Swordsman
Weapon: Daggers

Ghavius (Jay-vee-us) is the father of Taion and Yorak. He is said to be part-animal because of his incredible sense of hearing.

  • Hurl. Throws a dagger straight forward for 40 damage. (10 EP)
  • Cut. Slices the enemy for 50 damage. (20 EP, 10 damage to self)
  • Stab. Stabs the enemy in the back for 80 damage. (40 EP)
  • Holy Tear. Instantly kills an enemy. (200 EP, 30 damage to self)**
Special Attacks:
  • Kamikaze. Uses all but one of your HP and kills three enemies. (99 damage to self)
  • Swing. Swings a sword real hard at a selected angle, dealing 60 damage. (90 EP)†


Age: 30
Health: 130/130
Type: Sorcerer Apprentice
Weapon: Magic

Yorak (YOR-ick) started his life as a swordsman, but when he wasn't accepted, he decided to become a Sorcerer. He is an apprentice now.

  • Fireball. Shoots a fireball straight forward for 30 damage. (20 MP)
  • Flame Arrow. Shoots an arrow-shaped fireball in a selected angle, dealing 30 damage. (30 MP)
  • Heal. Restores 90 hit points to an ally. (30 EP)
  • Recharge. Refills 90 MP. (30 EP)
  • Damnation. Fills the screen with fire, dealing 70 damage to enemies. (60 MP, 20 damage to self)
Special Attacks:
  • Smite. Reduces both you and an enemy to 1 hit point. (0 MP)
  • Quicksand. Cuts an enemy's speed in half. (60 MP)
  • Copy. Clones one of your units. (70 MP)


Age: 14
Health: 60/60
Type: Ninja
Weapon: Own body

Quirrion (KWIRR-ee-on) is the youngest of the group. His weapon is his own body. He uses attacks like kick and chop.

  • Kick. Kicks the enemy for 30 damage. (20 EP)
  • Punch. Punches the enemy for 40 damage. (30 EP)
  • Karate Chop. Chops the enemy for 50 damage. (40 EP)
  • Uppercut. Punches the enemy up for 60 damage. (50 EP)
  • Pound. Punches the enemy down for 60 damage. (50 EP)
Special Attacks:
  • Fire Kick. His foot catches fire and he kicks for 70 damage. (60 EP)
  • Lightning Punch. His fist turns to ball lightning and he punches for 80 damage. (70 EP)
  • Spitfire. He spews a flaming spitball that deals 80 damage and drains 50 EP from the enemy. (90 EP, 10 damage to self)


Age: 233
Health: 200/200
Type: Shapechanger
Weapon: Transforming

When he was a young lad, Mardok (MARR-dock) found a magic genie lamp. When he rubbed it and a genie emerged, he wished to live forever. After a few years, Mardok became a traitor to Mynn and now lives in the Mynnhah Catacombs.

  • Goblin. Transforms into a goblin. (10 EP)
  • Troll. Transforms into a troll. (20 EP)
  • Behemoth. Transforms into a behemoth. (40 EP)
  • Dragon. Transforms into a dragon. (80 EP, 80 damage to self)
Special Attack:
  • Jiorii. Transforms into a Jiorii until he or the opponent is dead. (100 EP, 90 damage to self)

*The crap is with this pronunciation? :D I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be FAL-uh-more.
**I'm almost completely certain this was meant to be a Special Attack and the boomerang abilities were supposed to be swapped with this. If not, wow.
†Not sure how I overlooked how gosh-awful this ability is. It costs more than twice what the regular "stab" ability does and deals less damage. I still don't get what the "selected angle" is and why it's more costly in general.

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