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Apr 13, 2021

Hero Forge Final Quest Heroes

What can I say? Ever since Hero Forge got color, it's been exploding in utility for recreation. Below are the heroes of my JRPG, Final Quest, which I'm tempted to see if I can get back into working on at some point. It has some good potential. I also realized I've never really done a deep dive into this game's mechanics before, so I thought I'd give you some more information on each of the characters and how they work while I'm at it. I wish the game development was farther along so I could give more details.

Name: Prince Roland
Class: Warrior
Special Stat: Fervor - Increases effectiveness of status-inducing and buffing abilities.
Leader Bonus: After each attack, other party members gain a small amount of hit points.
SP Stat: Rage - Roland starts each combat at 0 SP, but each time Roland attacks, he gains 10 SP, which can be used for his Warfare abilities.

Roland is the silent protagonist of the group and the crown prince of Graycrown. He hopes to become a hero worthy of his title in any way that he can.

Name: Victus
Class: Paladin

Victus is the chief paladin and captain of the Graycrown army, and everything Roland could ever hope to become some day. Unfortunately, after a long adventure basically babysitting Roland, he lost his temper and killed a target he was supposed to capture alive, and was thrown into the dungeon until further notice.

Name: Dace
Class: Rogue
Special Stat: Dexterity - Increases poison damage and damage-over-time effects like bleeding and poisoning.
Leader Bonus: Dace can attempt to pick locked doors and chests. He is also half-Dirk, so he can spot invisible Dirks hiding anywhere.
SP Stat: Energy - Dace has a fixed amount of SP that does not increase with level. He can expend it on Roguery abilities, and I'm not sure if I programmed this yet, but the higher your SP is, the likelier you are to have critical combos. He can regain SP by using the combat ability "Bide."

Dace is a half-human half-Dirk rogue from Dirkennshire. Each of his normal attacks has a chance of chaining to a combo attack, which in turn has a smaller chance of comboing, up to 3 levels of damage.

Name: Solmyr
Class: Wizard
Special Stat: Magic - Increases spell damage and effectiveness.
Leader Bonus: Scattered throughout the game are blue runes scrawled on walls. Solmyr can copy the spells down and learn them as new abilities.
SP Stat: Mana - Solmyr's mana pool and maximum mana increase with level, and are spent on his spells. It can be regained with mana potions.

Solmyr is a magus from a mage guild. He's a classic magic-using JRPG character who can equip different types of "cantrips" that deal simple amounts of elemental damage, and he learns spells by purchasing them or copying them off of runic writings rather than by experience.

Name: Zandalis "Zane" the Mad
Class: Necromancer
Special Stat: Magic
Leader Bonus: Zane can see ghosts and speak with them.
SP Stat: Mana - Same as Solmyr, but he has an ability where he can drain his own life energy to increase his mana.

Zane is an insane practitioner of black magic who was imprisoned in the Graycrown dungeons. When the party needs information on how to travel to the Realm of the Dead, they have no choice but to free Zane and call on his abilities. In general, he's a glass cannon. His abilities are more powerful than Solmyr's steady, balanced ones, but they come with terrible prices, like his allies' health and expensive spell components.

Name: Archibald "Archie" the Devout
Class: Priest
Special Stat: Faith - Same as magic
Leader Bonus: ?
SP Stat: Mana - Same as Solmyr.

Archie is the comic relief character of the party and a potent healer. Although he can equip some weapons, his main purpose is to equip Ankhs, which allow him to quickly heal small amounts to party members in need each turn in lieu of attacking. Eventually, he'll be able to equip a pink, purified Death's Scythe that can resurrect fallen allies with no cost.

Name: ???
Class: Ranger
Special Stat: ?
Leader Bonus: Can detect secrets on the world map
SP Stat: Accuracy - Not fleshed out yet, but I'm thinking every arrow shot he takes costs at least a little SP, and the accuracy of his shots is based on the current amount. Non-arrow abilities regenerate a little accuracy.

The Ranger is a mysterious character without a name (the player decides it for him) called upon to help them hunt something, probably. He'll have a wide variety of arrow attacks geared toward defeating specific types of monsters.

Name: Nick
Class: Alchemist
Special Stat: ?
Leader Bonus: Every potion anyone in the party consumes during combat heals a small amount, regardless of its primary purpose.
SP Stat: Potency - Haven't tested it yet, but my theory is that his SP stat determines the power of his potion abilities, and that the potency goes down after each one he does. He'll have an ability called "Distill" that spends a turn resetting his SP.

Nick is of an order of alchemists that operate a massive factory that produces healing potions for many different video games. The experimental nature of his potions makes his attacks vary widely in damage, but maybe if I can get the Potency mechanic to work it'll narrow them down and make them more consistent, while getting more and more random every time. He even has an ability where he can throw a random potion at anyone—ally or enemy, and who knows whether it'll help or hinder them?

Name: Rax
Class: Druid?
Special Stat: ?
Leader Bonus: ?
SP Stat: ?

Rax is a wild man who needs no weapons because he can rapidly turn into a bear and claw his enemies. He wasn't in my notes, so I don't know much else about him, and in fact I may have just put his graphic in the game because the changing into a bear mechanic would look funny in combat.

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