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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Minecraft Corridor Tour

My brothers and I were able to fit in a game of Corridor during our Memorial Day break, and after we had rendered the dungeon I wanted to see what it would look like from a first-person perspective. I constructed the dungeon in Minecraft with embellishments to see what it would have looked like, and even though the Master's Lair turned out to be stupid and the Treasury a bit cramped, I was still pretty impressed.
One thing I forgot until now was the matter of perspective of the dungeon. On this version (and in the storyline of the board game) the adventurer chooses to descend into the dungeon, fighting each level's Master and descending deeper until he beats the final boss at the bottom. In the older versions, however, the hero was thrown into the deepest level of the dungeon, and had to climb his way out, level by level, until he fought the final boss who had defeated him in the first place.
It's a very interesting change in the plot element of the game, and it's hard to decide which I should stick with for this game. It's mostly flipped because of the class system, where each class has a different motivation for entering the dungeon (see the descriptions on the Corridor Class Pictures sets).

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