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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Update '14

Hey there! I don't always like to give out news because it gets dated easily, but I just thought I'd give you an update because this is a particularly busy time with projects now that I'm back from Independence Day break.

Knight Guy
I just got my first full-time job now that I graduated from college, which is super exciting! Unfortunately, I have no idea how my webcomic will suffer as a result. It takes me an hour or sometimes two to color one strip, depending on the complexity of the comic, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle that with my new schedule. The good news is, the storyline is (as yet) still going strong, so I definitely am not losing steam over this. I may, however, have to start releasing monochrome strips and only coloring them every once in a while. I'm afraid to do that for fear of never actually finishing coloring all of them, but I don't see any other alternative besides hiring a colorist to do it for me.
Also, should I make a Facebook page for Knight Guy?

Alfred and the Cavern of Time
My colleague Robert sent me one of the semifinal drafts of Alfred about a week ago, and I'm trying to make headway in doing a second-to-last edit on it. It's coming along quite nicely! I still don't think it's the best book, and I doubt anyone would want to purchase it for how confusing it may be to those not familiar with Argaenothruzil; still though, the original story has come a LONG way, and it'll be fun to have edited an entire book. We've already filled in some of the biggest plot holes, and we should only need to have one more read-through before it's ready to be printed.

I started a new, huge project recently that will help me practice my print publishing, writing, and editing skills; fuel my nostalgia; and give me release for a lot of my writing needs. I'm writing my own personal history. A title is in the works, but I was thinking something like All My Memories or Ego Laetus Sum. Basically it'll be a compilation of all of my most memorable memories for my descendants. It will be divided into the sections of Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, and Parenthood, and contain everything I can remember about my best friends, school, work, projects, and everything else I can think of. I'm even doing extensive research of my old journals, family videos, and scrapbooks. I wonder if anyone else in the world is as sentimental as I am?

I want to do one or two timelapse videos of my drawing and coloring Knight Guy strips, and I should be able to as soon as I figure out a couple of logistics issues.

- - -

Those are all the things I'm working on currently. I'm sad that I haven't thought of any more blog posts to write about. I really need to just make sure to make one or two posts per week, no matter what they are—WarCraft 3 map movies, dreams, random graphic art... there's a couple of really interesting short stories I want to write based on dreams, but writing full works with a beginning, middle, and end intimidate me. Anyway, we'll see.

Stay tuned!


  1. Yes on the knight guy Facebook page! Great idea. I finally caught up reading it and it's awesome!

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