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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Big Project: Knight Guy webcomic!

It's time to work on a project I've wanted to start for seven years: a Webcomic! I finally have all I need to get started: a decent scanner, Photoshop, and most importantly, a storyline. I've also discovered a comic book club at my university, which will help my drive to work on it even more.
"Knight Guy" is a comic about Corlis Cneet, a celery farmer who is unwittingly thrust into what annoys him most—adventure! Sound cliché? Maybe, but I'll make it work with my own twist on it. And plus, here on Pretzel Lectern you guys will be able to see behind-the-scenes stuff, such as a timelapse of me drawing a panel, or background information about the story. I'm still working on the layout of the site, but I have a bunch of comics already drawn and ready to be colored. I'll probably upload three or four just to get the series started, and then get a weekly upload going.

How will Corlis's adventure begin? Go to knightguy.the-comic.org to find out!

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