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Monday, August 26, 2013

Corridor Cards Update

While thinking of fun things to customize, I decided to look up how much it would cost to make a deck of custom playing cards. Not only was what I found affordable—it had more creative capabilities than I had thought! Some sites I found even allow you to design the back and front of each individual card. This gave me an idea for something that would definitely be worth putting time into: revamping Corridor completely!
What once looked like this:

Can in the somewhat near future look like this!

I may need to hire my brother to do some of the art on the cards, but I am really enjoying this format. Specifically, keeping the nostalgic "original drawing" icon, but this time on parchment; as well as the colored dots for specificity on whether the skill is a Warrior, Mage, or Rogue skill (I'm also working on implementing a Priest branch). The possibilities are more endless than I thought! What if I were able to convert every card and tile in the game into actual legit board game material?

I have high hopes for this project. Who knows? Corridor might actually be able to be converted into a full-on board game in my household. I wish I had realized earlier how much of my work I could customize!

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