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Friday, January 25, 2013

New Page: Abelhawk's Top 5

I love lists. Don't you love checklists? Checking a box on a checklist is literally like gaining an achievement on a video game! I also love "Top 10" lists. It's fun to celebrate perfection by giving books and movies and things a place of honor in a Top 10 list. To have fun with this, and to let you all learn a little more about me, I've created a page called Abelhawk's Top 5, (Some things are just too hard to group in 10's) on the right. Feel free to check it out, and have you visited my other pages? You might find something interesting.
I recognize my interests are so diverse, and sometimes I feel this blog appeals to such a scarce percentage because so many people's interests are completely unlike mine, and I focus mainly on the things that entertain me.
If you'd like to see something on the blog, though, please let me know! And thanks for coming here to Pretzel Lectern in the first place.
Later days!
~ Abelhawk

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