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Thursday, January 24, 2013

February is Data Month!

Guess what, friends? Inspired by Nicholas Felton of feltron.com, I’ve come up with an awesome project for this next month of February. It rivals the dedication of my Techno-Quaresma of 2011, and it’ll yield interesting results! May I introduce to you…

fThat’s right, starting February 1, 2013, I’m going to carry a notepad in my pocket at all times, jotting down statistics of everything I do with my life for the period of one month! Then I’ll share these statistics here on Pretzel Lectern to see what a typical month for me is like. Here are some examples of the categories I’m going to record:

- Hours slept
- Restaurants eaten at
- Emails received
- Texts received
- Pictures taken
- Times gone to the restroom
- Average wake up time
- Meals eaten (and a list of every item consumed!)

I’ll probably even do subcategories of the quantity values, so that I can have percentage values. For example, on emails received, what percentage were from family, spam, friends, school, etc.
If you want to make sure that I record a stat you’re interested in, let me know before the 1st so I can put a place for it on my notepad. Let the tally-marking begin in one week!

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