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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Corridor Bit: The Dungeon

This week I completely finished all of the Dungeon Tiles needed to play Corridor. There are 25 tiles, each a variation of a pathway, intersection, room, or turn. To navigate throughout the dungeon, the player will choose a door to enter, draw a card, and connect the new tile accordingly. I've tested this many times and there are countless ways the dungeon will be set up. This "randomized" dungeon system, along with other card-drawing aspects and several functions of the games that require die rolls will hopefully make the game replayable again and again with fun, new results every time.

The dungeon contains many monster icons and item icons, each random every time because they require drawing a card out of a deck of many cards. Some games may be inherently harder than others simply out of pure bad luck, and visa-versa.

There are also locked doors on several tiles, making an element of strategy when it comes to rationing use of key items.

The dungeon can be any size as far as the tiles permit, but any given level only requires a Boss Tile and a Staircase Tile. (More on that later) If the dungeon tiles are all spent and there are still open doorways, there are little "cave-in" boulder tabs available to block them up with. Furthermore, if there is no Boss Tile or Staircase Tile and the rooms all lead to dead ends, there are "passageway" tabs that can be discovered in the game that can lead to the rest of the dungeon, not connected with the main crawl.

I'll let you know more this week! I'm making progress!

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