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AustinCraft! Minecraft Resource Pack

WARNING: This may be obsolete and not work, and I'm probably not going to update it anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience. Minecraft was fun while it lasted.

Click here to download AustinCraft 1.14.1c!

AustinCraft! Minecraft Resource Pack

Do you play Minecraft? Sick of the little annoyances like brightly-colored zombie clothes or gray clay that magically turns red when fired? I like the original texture pack of Minecraft, but I made this pack to fix the things about it I found lacking, and to add my personal touch to it. Download it and tell me what you think!

 AustinCraft changes:

- Gravel looks more like the old style
- Clay blocks are now RED, and therefore easier to find! (also clay balls)
- Bricks and brick walls are darker to contrast unfired clay
- Furnaces have grates on them now
- Glowstone, lamps and jack-o-lanterns have higher contrast, making them actually look brightly lit
- The pumpkin's face has been changed to be happier (I also changed the way it looks when you have one on your head)
- The bed is now teal, my favorite color, just for the heck of it
- The Monster Spawner has a skull engraving on the cage
- The diamond ore and diamond block look bluer
- The engraved sandstone doesn't have pictures of creepers on it anymore. It has... well, I dunno. Something else
- Melons are green now, instead of puke-colored
- Crops now change color dramatically when they're fully ripe, so it's easier to see when they're ready to harvest (wheat, carrots, potatoes, and nether wart)
- The tools are TOTALLY revamped to be more realistic (for example, the stone "sword" is now a

spear) and more different from each other (All iron tools have blue hilts, all gold tools red)
- Diamonds and diamond gear are bluer and shinier
- Cooked fish actually look cooked, instead of just like fishbones
- Zombie flesh is green now, since... well, since zombies are green
- Item frames don't have a sword in them on the icon
- Armor placeholder icons look cooler
- Ghast tear no longer looks like a quail egg
- Slight alterations: Feather, slimeball, sugar, gold ingot.
- Full ARMOR OVERHAUL! Much cooler and ornate armor, each w
ith a theme color and cape!
- Zombies look scarier, more realistic clothing, more blood and torn-off parts. Zombie Villagers look creepier too, but more freshly zombified.
- Gunpowder is slighly yellow and looks awesome. And is called sulfur.
- The villagers have distinct looks now instead of just clothes! (so do their children, but oh well)
- Changed the enchanting table/bookshelf glyphs to NORSE RUNES!
- Changed the enchanted weapon particles to be a lightning bolt
- The panorama on the main menu screen is changed
- The crafting menu has a watermark of a Crafting Table on it. I tried it with the other things like Furnaces and stuff, but it looked dumb.
- Fixed bow fletching animation (lol), and made the bow light up slightly when powered up all the way
- Gave the Iron Golems blue eyes. They're good guys, aren't they?

- The enchanted book is blue with a glowing rune on the cover, instead of a strap.

- Re-did all of the tiles, since they're in separate files now.

- Finally got it converted to a resource pack instead of the old texture packs.
This means that if I can figure out how, there will be a matching language for the pack. So the wooden "sword" will accurately be called a "club," and so on. I'll hopefully figure it out soon.

- Fully optimized it for resource packs. This means that clubs are called Wooden Clubs instead of Wooden Swords! The language pack is internal!
- Made Ghasts grosser, and wither skeletons, the Wither, and Blazes scarier.
- Made potatoes and baked potatoes more appetizing looking.
- Changed Andesite to a dark stone basalt, and Diorite to marble (whose idea was it to make those anyway?)
- Changed the End Log (the story that plays when you defeat the Ender Dragon) to be much more succinct and not as... messed up and weird, I guess? Or profound? Not sure what they were shooting for there.
- Changed 'alliums' to petunias, azure bluets to lilies, and oxye daisies to just daisies (What is their problem, seriously?)
- Changed the horse armor (now called "barding") to be more simple as an icon. Also made their styles more closely match the human armor.
- Updated the paintings to be a little less me-related.
- Changed the splashes to be inside jokes and quotes that my family members enjoy.
- Added the watermark effect to more GUIs (previously it was just the crafting table)

- Optimized it for the new version, mainly just adding compatibility with things like the new inventory window.
- Rain now doesn't look like blue dye falling from the sky
- Added some more splashes
- Made the paintings even less me-related

- Overhauled all the files so that they fit the new version.
- To do list:

- Fixed andesite (basalt) and diorite (marble) to be their correct textures

- Fixed incorrect texture paths for furnaces, pumpkins, and all paintings
- Added one new painting and a few new splashes!
- Added watermarks to containers
- Changed the Standard Galactic Alphabet written in enchanting books to Norse runes
- Blue paint no longer splashes up from the ground during a rainstorm
- Ready for this? Reduced the size to 1.39 MEGABYTES!! So much redundancy thrown away and it is CLEAN!

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