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Alfred Shortstaff and the Cavern of Time novel

When Alfred Shortstaff is guided to Amber’s Hand, a small town too humble to even support him as a priest, he is dubious of the gods’ intentions in leading him there. But when his name is found in the memoir of the town’s missing duke, Alfred soon finds that he is the only one who can unravel prophecies of doom that threaten to be fulfilled.

Armed with the priestly magic of Sacrum and his own faith in the gods, Alfred must rely on his own wits and courage to thwart bandits, face fiends, and even travel to the edges of Time itself to save the land of Argaenothruzil from crumbling into anarchy and chaos forever.

* * *

If you read and enjoy Alfred, please consider writing an HONEST review on Amazon for it when you've read it. With so many other self-published nobodies putting their weird fantasy books online, I want people to know the good and the bad of it so they can know whether it's worth their time.

Thanks, and enjoy!