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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Austin's Thoughts #2

On Weather:

  • Pretty much take the exact temperature and wind speed the place was where I had to mow on Wednesday, and THAT'S what Hell's like. >< And don't be silly. Meatballs falling from the sky would obviously be Heaven's weather.
  • March 25: The quiet, flurrying snow outside is beautiful, in a way... But it's a misplaced beauty, like a man in a wedding dress.
  • Anyone who doesn't like this beautiful rainy weather can move to Antarctica, since that's what the landscape looked like before the rains of cleansing came. It looks like a real spring for once! (Let's hope I don't jinx it)
  • It appears as though after vigorous struggles with each other this week, Spring has finally won the playoffs against Winter. Cross your fingers and hope Winter doesn't try to make a comeback.
  • Water is for drinking. Not for falling everywhere and soaking innocent hardworking people when they're mowing all day long.
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