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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Knight Guy Strip #100!

Well, Knight Guy officially has 100 strips. I'm simultaneously excited, proud, satisfied, and daunted. The comic has come so far and is everything I hoped it would be (I can't believe how many punchlines I've made work—and only a couple of them didn't), and yet it's only about a quarter of the first of three acts that's finished. I'm still young, but I wonder if I'll ever finish the entire story, or even one act. It's taken two and a half years to get this far. Oh well. I guess that's not important.

Anyway, here is the strip in all its glory. I thought it was appropriate to have the hundredth strip finally bring Humdring and Corlis together after such a long time apart.

Visit the comic site if you haven't caught up with the story yet!

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