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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dream: The Duelist's Insanity

I've been fascinated with dreams lately. I have an extensive (125-page) dream journal, and reading through it is astounding... Most of the time I can't remember ever writing them, so it's like reading a bunch of bizarre, amazing short stories. This one was very intriguing.

March 1, 2013

The first part of the dream was pretty morbid. All I remember is looking at some paintings, one of which was Noah’s Ark. I heard someone say that once someone made a fortune just taking a painting and flipping it upside down and then 180° to make an entirely new painting and win an award. I tried doing so (somehow… on Photoshop) and it indeed created a painting of Noah’s Ark that was from an entirely different angle somehow. Something about this action drove me mad. I took my painting to a bridge and, with my two swords, I started killing anyone who would talk to me.

The battle scenes would have been pretty awesome if I hadn’t been killing harmless citizens. I cut them in half, I did complex martial arts maneuvers on them, threw them screaming into the shallow river below where I heard their bones crack. I hated myself, but for some reason I just had to kill people. When people asked why, I told them it was because I wanted someone to kill me so I’d stop hearing voices in my head.

Finally, two beautiful women came by, and I heard them talking in odd Scottish accents about how they were going to try seducing me into snapping out of it. There were guards standing by in case it didn’t work. But they were scared. They knew they would die if they messed with me. Which saddened me. By this point I’m pretty sure I was the duelist character off of Path of Exile. I think I even had the red shirt and everything.

One of the girls approached me, and before I could lunge out and attack her she embraced me and kissed me furiously. Emotions of anger boiled downward and my dream character was completely enveloped in her kiss. The other girl and the guards were coaching her, telling her how best to completely seduce me. In time, I succumbed completely. When I awoke shortly afterward, in a half-dreaming state I could tell that she had apprehended the duelist and they were taking him to the dungeon. She had fought fiery anger with fiery passion, and had won. 

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