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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Figurines and Board Games

Recently, I've become rather obsessed with the card game Munchkin. It's been fascinating to see things like fantasy races, classes, equipment, curses, and mounts have their rules tweaked to fit a specific set of rules. Anyone who knows me and my creative side knows that's what I live for. I've also been extremely fortunate to find an actual weekly group to play Munchkin with at work. Usually I never have that kind of luck (See Dungeons & Dragons), so I've been glad to have a consistent chance to practice the game and have fun.

Anyway, I've also been getting interested in figurine painting. I made a couple of figurines out of Sculpey as Corridor game pieces, and I made this guy, the Munchkin mascot as seen on the box, as a weekly trophy for whoever wins that week's game. Even though the stupid thing leaned when I was firing it in the oven, you can't really tell from the angle seen above. It was fun to practice painting on a small scale like this, too.

I also recently got an amazing board game, Talisman, which comes with 14 character figurines. They're solid gray in color, but they're paintable, and seeing as how I'm going to have that game for many years to play with my kids, I'm going to paint the figurines myself (It's also hard to tell them apart at a glance during the game when they're all the same color). This is a medium I've never really practiced before, so it's fun to get into it. I'll definitely post my progress when I get around to it.

I also hope to get into working on Epic Chess this year!

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