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Thursday, July 9, 2015

AustinCraft 8.1!

The past couple of weeks, my three brothers and I have gotten back into Minecraft a bit. We decided to make our own server to play on for the first time, and have been wondering why we never tried it before. It's been a blast to have a dynamic world to log on to whenever we want and see the changes that the other players have made.

Anyway, I realized as we played that some of the icons weren't to my liking... potatoes looked stupid, you could barely tell when one was baked or not, and there were these two stupid new rocks called "diorite" and "andesite." Who came up with that anyway? I also realized that the previous AustinCraft! hadn't lived up to its full potential as a resource pack rather than just a texture pack. So I got to work!

Now on AustinCraft!, the items all have correct names—clubs are called clubs, spears are called spears, and so forth—a bunch of new icons have been added to just make the world more interesting and fun, the coloring on some existing icons has been enhanced, and diorite and andesite are now marble and basalt, respectively, adding a new look to the game and more possibilities for construction aesthetics. If you're a Minecraft player, try out my resource pack! It keeps the classic feel of Minecraft intact (which I love), while enhancing the existing graphics.

This will most likely be the last update to AustinCraft!. Though it's been fun playing Minecraft, Terraria 1.3 did just come out...

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