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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Salt Halt + Project-palooza Challenges!

It's February, which means it's another project month for me! Last year's was the Beat the Sweet Challenge, which gave me the idea for this year's:


This isn't as extreme as not having any sugar at all whatsoever like last year, mainly because it's impossible (and probably unhealthy) to cut out salt completely. So it's somewhat lukewarm, but for me, who's got much more of a salty tooth than a sweet one, it will definitely be a challenge.
The rules are as follows:
  • No chips, pretzels, Ramen noodles, salty crackers, or anything else that has high sodium.
  • No adding salt to anything, ever, except for when a recipe needs a pinch of salt for baking purposes (Basically, if it doesn't help the recipe set up and is just for flavor, nix on it.)
  • General healthiness-feeling, cravings, and energy levels will be documented daily. Weight would also be a fun thing to measure but I don't have a scale.
  • It will go for one month, starting today, February 2nd, and ending on March 2nd.
Last year was somewhat of a disappointment, since I just tortured myself for a month without sugar or treats and never felt any healthier or more energetic. Since salt is something different altogether, it will be interesting to see if that extra hydration lends me more energy, lower blood pressure (whatever that feels like), and maybe even helps me to appreciate the flavor of food without salt. Again, we shall see! That's what these project months are for.

Since this project month is somewhat less exciting, it will be a double feature. The other project for this month will be...


I know, I hate the suffix "-palooza," too, but it had to be given some kind of a name. Yes, this month will also be one where I eliminate time-wasting distractions, and focus instead on the many projects I'm working on! Without games in the way to play, I'm sure several of my "on-the-shelf" to-dos will get some attention. My brother is also doing this challenge with me, so it'll be fun to collaborate and keep tabs on each other. Here are some rules:

  • No single-player computer games, especially the most addicting one, Hearthstone (except to get to rank 20 for the season. No sense missing out on a card back). Map editors are an exception to this, as this counts as working on a project.
  • No Facebook after 8:00AM, except for useful things like updating Word Lore or Knight Guy, sharing inspirational posts, or uploading photos. No looking at Buzzfeed lists or other external links that people or groups share. I'll be enforcing this rule with the Chrome addon SiteBlocker.
  • No YouTube, except for inspirational videos, tutorials, or other useful videos. No clicking on any videos on the sidebar after watching said videos. Uploads are allowed.
  • No recreation or project work until I've read a chapter of the Book of Mormon.
  • Do work on projects! I will be putting a list of projects to do on my desktop that I can consult whenever I'm bored. I'll be putting specific effort on working on Alfred and the Cavern of Time, my personal history, and Knight Guy.
  • I will be making note of how much work I do on each project (time, amount) and report it at the end of the challenge.
Well, there you have it. Let 2015's project month begin! You can expect lots of updates this month because of the nature of this project. I collected a lot of material over Christmas break. So excited!

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