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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Graphic Art: Dragonfather

I was searching for drawing inspiration the other day and my thoughts turned to one of my top 5 favorite computer games of all time, Heroes of Might and Magic III. I loved this game as a kid and still consider it one of the most poignant PC game masterpieces ever made (hence it being in my top 5), and a lot of it is the imaginative aspect of the game. The majority of the storylines are given through text-based events, and each creature in a battle represents an army, so a lot is left to the imagination when playing. I have often compared it to a very complicated board game.

Anyway, one thing that I thought of that is also left to the imagination is the heroes themselves. They are only represented by a stock horse sprite, and distinguished by a small portrait. They can equip artifacts and armor, but you never get to see them wearing them. I came up with the idea to take one of the complete armor sets, the Power of the Dragonfather, and see what it would look like as a complete set. The result turned out pretty neat, and was a good practice of figure drawing and lighting.

I very likely will use this as inspiration for more drawings. There are a lot of cool artifact sets on Heroes III, and some of them would be fun to replicate even without putting them on a person. This is also good news in light of my upcoming annual project month in February! More on that later. 

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