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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Word Lore

This has been an interesting year for projects. Even though I feel like I haven't given Pretzel Lectern as much attention as I would like, I've been busy working on projects like Knight Guy and some long-term projects like my autobiography.

This project was one I started a month ago on Facebook: Word Lore!

I came up with the idea for Word Lore last January, which means it's been stewing in my mind for almost a year. My idea was to make YouTube videos in the same style of shows like Vsauce, only talking about etymology. I even wrote up a couple of scripts, but I just couldn't find a good-looking setting to film myself in. My house is pretty small, and I don't have a green screen or anything, so I couldn't bring myself to make actual videos. I did reserve the YouTube channel name though, if it ever comes to that.

Instead, last month I decided to make a Facebook page. Since my Knight Guy page was going so well with a simple Facebook ad, I decided to reach out to a more scholarly audience and make a daily etymology page. As of today, it has over 1,500 likes and an active audience! It's been fun for me to present one of my passions, language, with over a thousand people around the world. And since there are so many different words to use, I'll be able to keep this up as a daily gig for the foreseeable future! I can even set a theme for each month. Last month was Halloween terms, and this month is foods.

If you're interested in etymology (and who isn't, really?), tell your friends about Word Lore. It's a lot of fun and every like and share helps me stay motivated.

It's a fun year for projects. 2014 really set the stage for the next few years as I write an entire comic storyline and provide daily word ditties!

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