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Friday, March 1, 2013

Data Month Stats

Well, I stuck to it for a month straight... keeping a notebook in my pocket and jotting down whenever one of these things happened. This somehow made February both last very long and be over very soon. Now I have a boatload of statistics of my life! I was hoping to be able to organize it so it's more impressive, with charts and graphs and things, but maybe I'll do that some other day. For now, I'm just really tired of taking down stats, so I'll just barf all the data onto this post. For the record, these data aren't that impressive. I probably would have calculated things a little differently if I did it again. For example, instead of "encounters" with people, I would just count how many people I encountered. I think that would have yielded better results. For now, here it all is plus some definitions for the odd stats in small print at the bottom. Enjoy!

Total encounters with people:                     342
Total family encounters:                          145
Total friend encounters:                          35
Total stranger encounters:                        54
Total co-worker encounters:                       139
Total acquaintence encounters:                    55
Total texts sent:                                 491
Total texts received:                             589
Average texts sent per day:                       11.1
Average texts received per day:                   14.6
Total phone calls exchanged:                      112
Total emails received:                            189
Total emails sent:                                51
Average emails received per day:                  5.9
Times greeted by others:                          58
Times fed baby daughter:                          77
Baths given to baby daughter:                     5
Times done dishes:                                14
Diapers changed:                                  71
Average diapers changed per day:                  2
Times done laundry:                               3
Board games played:                               4

Hours listened to Pandora:                        4.5
Average hours of Pandora listened to per week:    1.3
Youtube videos watched:                           111
Average Youtube videos watched per day:           3.6
Times accessed Facebook:                          106
Average times accessed Facebook per day:          3.4
Hours played computer games:                      37
Hours played singleplayer:                        21.5
Hours played multiplayer:                         15.5
TV show episodes watched:                         53
Average TV show episodes watched per week:        13
Hours spent working on Pretzel Lectern projects:  30
Podcasts listened to:                             26
Webcomics read:                                   371
Average webcomics read per day:                   9.9
Movies watched:                                   12

Classes periods attended:                         52
Naps taken:                                       2.5
Homework assignments done*:                       38
Comments made in classroom:                       27
Times written in journal:                         2
Pages of novel read:                              429
Novels read:                                      2
Pages of textbook read*:                          66
College exams taken:                              4

Showers taken:                                    37
Times gone to restroom:                           328
Public restrooms:                                 110
Home bathroom:                                    197
Other people's bathrooms:                         21
% of times going in home bathroom:                60%
% of times going in public restrooms:             34%
#1:                                               275
#2:                                               55
Times clipped nails:                              6
Haircuts:                                         1
Times shaved:                                     13

Church functions attended:                        5
Car rides:                                        81
Average car rides per week:                       20.2
Purchases made out of pocket:                     19
Money spent out of pocket:                       $147.06
Hours worked:                                     80.5
Hours worked in the college Writing Center:       69
Tutorials given at said Writing Center:           30
Hours worked unloading produce trucks:            11.5

Hours slept:                                      168
Average hours slept per night:                    6
Average wake up time:                             6:39AM
Average bedtime*:                                 11:07PM
Times Skyped:                                     8
Days spent sick:                                  3

Meals prepared:                                   61
Average meals prepared per day:                   1.9
Restaurants attended:                             9
Times eaten pizza:                                6
Pieces of toast eaten:                            19
Days eaten bacon:                                 4
Days eaten pretzels:                              14
Bowls of cereal eaten:                            14
% of cereal bowls eaten with fruit:               21%
Dishes eaten containing chicken:                  15
Sandwiches eaten:                                 15
% of sandwiches that were tuna:                   33%
% of sandwiches that were turkey:                 26%
Dishes containing potatoes:                       18
Cookies eaten:                                    32

*Indicates a small possible margin of error

Encounter = An uninterrupted encounter with a person
Car trip = Any amount of time entering and then exiting a car
Do dishes = Washed dishes in sink or emptied dishwasher
Meal prepared = An amount of food big enough to sit down and eat
Purchases made out of pocket = A purchase not including bills, rent, etc.


  1. This is pretty interesting Aust! I love some of the categories, like percent of tuna sandwiches! :)

    1. Sorry--that last comment was Mom not Nat.


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