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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Abelhawk Hand update

So, I found a program called Font Creator that looked professional and easy to use. Unfortunately, on the 30-day trial they don't actually allow you to save your font! What's the point in having a useless program for 30 days? Anyway... I'm trying out a new online thing that seems to work... okay...

Basically it has you fill out a form, scan it in, and then it somehow converts it into a vector font. Pretty complicated, so I give it some credit. If I can just reorient the characters on my computer itself it may work for something.


  1. Bahaha! That's so dumb that they would put a 30 day limit if you can't even save in the first place!!! Worst trial idea I've ever seen... That would totally push me away cuz I would feel like they're trying to be over stingy. Silly people... Hope this one works out for you though

  2. Yeah. I don't need 30 days to realize that I still have no idea how the program will render my font. And the full version costs like $80! Who would EVER buy a program like that for that much? I can't imagine even a company doing that!


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