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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Poem #3: Lost Dreams

I wrote this poem in late October for the one I love on her birthday. I share it now with her permission.

Lost Dreams
by Austin Ballard

I have chanced to awake on occasions rare
When the window’s light reflected a lost dream.
I tried to grasp it from the sunshine’s beam
But the girl of my dreams was never there.
She was not real, just a golden gleam.

Life went on at a steady pace
All of my comrades found true love.
Love singing sweetly like a turtle dove,
But I was losing in the race.
Futile seemed the search thereof.

Then I grew to love a friend
Writing from far across the sea.
Her written words were gold to me
Our correspondence had no end.
My heart was locked; she had the key.

I see that true love is a real thing
Her kiss I always long to feel.
She’s not a girl from a dream, but real
Her cheek’s warmth makes my heart sing.
I ache for together our souls to seal.

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