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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A brief metaphor of love

Yes, this is cheesy, but when I come up with a striking metaphor, what can I say? I gotta write it down.

Love must be sought out firstly, which may take much time and effort. But when we find it, we will know it was grown just for us. It is necessary for Love to be planted in a firm, rich soil of morals and values. Without such a foundation, it will fall quickly to disrespect and indifference. Love must be watered with compassion and consideration. To neglect such a necessity would parch it of thirst for empathy and understanding. A part of Love is affection, which adds a growing warmth that helps sustain it. And yet there are those who neglect to water their affection with temperance and scorch their flower of Love to withering with burning lust. Such a delicate plant as Love must be nourished with great care and commitment, for only with time and patience will such a sprout of infatuation become a sprig of friendship, a sapling of respect, and finally an immense tree of the deepest love, firmly planted and strongly nourished, able to stand forever and ever reaching ever closer to the heavens.

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  1. Sounds like Karen is a fortunate girl, with this beautiful metaphor on love!


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