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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Poem #2: Ode to My Distant Homeland

I wrote this poem while far away from my hometown, Rexburg, Idaho.

Ode to My Distant Homeland
by Austin Ballard

Rexburg, how I miss you!
Your dry air and gleaming calm
Melting the lingering heaps of snow
They ever call to me below.

The springless cold of springtime
Without humming bees or flowers;
But instead dripping drops onto brown grass
It brings a drippy tear to my eye.

Your sweatless glowing summertime
And the smell of cut green lawns
Fills me with joy and passes swiftly
And I awake while the sun yawns.

Rexburg's perfect autumntime
With cool wind but glorious sunshine
Crunches leaves and welcomes new friends
And new beginnings, tho the year ends.

And comes the wintertime; Welcome guest
whose blue snowflakes cover the frost
Sometimes they stay or fade from the ground
And return on the morn without a sound.

The wind or the calm
Of the snow or the sun
Melting or freezing watery days
Always I'll yearn while I'm away.

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