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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Theater #1: The Vending Machine

(Cut to a police station. Inside is a vending machine that has a note on it. Enter Sheriff, looking disgruntled.)
Sheriff(reading): “Out of Order… please leave money in slot and take what you want.”
(He turns around) Hmmm… two sandwiches are missing. And there’s only enough money in here for one. And I’m the only one who works here, and I didn’t eat it
(The sheriff turns around; cut to a man eating two sandwiches)
Man: What?
Sheriff: Throw him in the brig!
(Two cops appear and throw him in jail)
Sheriff: I’ll take that. (Takes the sandwich. Takes a bite of it)
Man: That one was for my wife! She’s the one who didn’t pay for it!
Sheriff: Tell it to the judge. (Finishes the sandwich)
(Lights fade. Applause.)

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  1. I literally have no memory of writing this. It's funny, but it's almost not even my style of humor. The same goes for the other "Theater" about mold. Am I going crazy?


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