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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Essay #1: Life

Don't you just love life? Don't you just love coming to consciousness every morning? Then after awhile you take everything in and remember your plans for the day; the sleepy feeling wears off after time and you begin your routine?

Isn't it great how we take off the pieces of cloth that are wrapped around our bodies and step into a basin and let water run all over us? Isn't it amazing how putting pieces of prepared animal pieces or fruits from trees into our mouth and swallowing them into our stomach makes that empty feeling go away? When our throat is dry, we can pour liquid down it.

While we're doing these things we may take sheets of paper with thousands of little symbols on them and stare at them. Sometimes we listen to noises that sound good to our ears.

Then we step into the giant metal casings and wheel on the rocky paths, sometimes the liquid inside the casing runs out and we have to go to a place to put more in. We can't just take it and pour it into the casing, though. We have to have little slips of paper or tiny pieces of metal. The people who own the liquid let us have some in exchange for the little papers, or sometimes we take out a little piece of plastic and swipe it on a box, and they let us have some anyway.

Isn't it fun to buy those little wrapped objects? It makes our mind happy to roll them around on our tongue and let them melt and mix with our spit.

Life is beautiful. It's enjoyable to see others just like us every day, and vibrate our vocal cords and move our tongue and jaw when we're around them. It's also a pleasant experience to find those others we like more especially, and wrap our arms around them and feel them close.

Life is amazing! The closing of our eyes when they get dry from being open, the letting in air and letting it out when it's old, the moving of our eyeballs around and seeing light reflect off of surfaces and the colors. The air moves around us, other animals move around and we can hear their voice boxes. When our skin feels crawly, we run our fingernails across it to make it feel normal again.

Life is an excellent thing. When we're through with all our activities we come back home, switch our cloths again, and lay down on a big sack of foam. After awhile, our eyelids get heavy and we forget everything. Images may run amuck in our mind for awhile, but we always come back to consciousness in light again.

Life... don't you just love it?

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  1. Pinch Me is one of my all-time favorite songs and I agree with you totally. Carefree is what we need more of today. Do you remember when we ran through the sprinkler when I was tending you kids? A good time!!


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