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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I have a blog!

Deep down, Austin always knew he wanted a blog. He had heard that it was a wise choice to make. He had always loved writing, and had loved sharing his work with others, but on a blog? ...Perhaps later.

His website, Argaenothruzil(link here), had yielded results from his closest friends, but they had all but stopped posting long ago... Something new was needed. A dimension was needed where he could retreat to and let his thoughts roam wild; where his literature and thoughts about life could be displayed for everyone to see.

This is that place. This blog is where all can be free to share the English language; to give insights on life, the Universe, and everything; to vote on polls or play around with other gadgets Austin happens to implement; even...to complain.

Welcome. Post. Enjoy. Blog. As in, the verb 'to blog.' Imperative form.

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