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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

//Vivdhilnn Viventh inn ko Avlethizh Zlo'o//

Can you guess which children's song this is?

//E ri'idhozh iyzh ko yenshiy ansh yazh shish e jo'o?.
Vivdhilnn viventh inn ko avlethizh zlo'o..
J'vlensh khac flizh mo jyz a nej jylvlec
Frijimc viventh lozh fobilo mu ouoc!.
E ziysh zhadh ann almbyr ansh madh a zloazh
A vivdhilnn farr kazh yiysh j'morr ji jyo'ozh

Ezh yacn-nizh loarru ji. fyzh ezh jo'omosh zhi fo
Vivdhilnn viventh inn ko avlethizh zlo'o..//

The correct guesser will win an "I speak Amoledhese" T-shirt.
That was a joke. But I could make an "I speak Amoledhese" forum avatar if you'd like...

Confused? Go here.

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