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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Well, the Beat the Sweet Challenge is going okay. I've kept to it, avoiding anything sweeter than 3g of sugar per serving, for the past two weeks. This meant turning down some amazing-looking desserts at work and a dinner party, but it felt good to have that much self-control. It's amazing how much we really don't need sugar at all. Unfortunately, I'm not really seeing any beneficial effects from doing this sugar fast. I don't have any more energy, I still have down days with little motivation, and I don't feel any difference in my health or weight. I think I'll cut down on it after the month's up as a habit, but I'm definitely not going to go without it forever.
The hardest part is breakfast. I think it's great to start off one's day with French toast or something else with syrup in it. Or even sweet cereal. I've missed that most of all. But thank heavens for fruit, especially bananas and tangerines. They've kept me going. Halfway there!

In other news, I got quite a scare this week when Argaenothruzil went down for nearly three days. I thought I had lost all of my lore writings, as well as several of my best stories. In fact, my cousin Robert (of the Whited Wall blog) and I planned on making a new one, with several differences that would mitigate some of the clich├ęd aspects of Argae. Fortunately, Argaenothruzil came back online this morning and I was able to save the stories, but we're still excited to start something new for a change. I know most of you readers won't really care to join us, but it may be a good source of stories and graphic art for you from us.

This month has been an amazing start to this year! With this post, I already come in to the 3rd-highest number of posts in a single month in Pretzel Lectern history. Thanks for reading, and here's to keeping my post count high this year!

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