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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dream: The Mystic Penguin

I've kept a pretty consistent Dream Journal since 2010, writing down my most vivid dreams as I dream them. I've been going through it lately, and I just love how incredibly random dreams can be! I don't even know where my brain gets this stuff! Anyway, I've always loved hearing about other people's dreams, so maybe you'll enjoy hearing some of mine. Heck, you should even post interpretations in the comments!

This is... um... the symbol for dreams. Or something.
November 19, 2012

For some reason I knew the outcome of this entire dream. It was like I was watching a movie but couldn’t remember all the details. There was some sort of super rare blue penguin that had a lumpy head and was very smart. It only lived in frozen sewers. For some reason one was desperately needed, so I went underground looking for one. When I entered the sewers, I was daunted by an endless maze of pipelines. I sighed, realizing I’d never find a penguin. Just then I looked behind me and one was right there. I took it up into the subway tunnel and fed it some sunflower seeds. It was basically just a normal penguin, but more humanlike. For example, it would sometimes pick a sunflower seed out of its mouth and look at it if it was having a hard time cracking or if it tasted bad. Someone passed by me and acknowledged the penguin, but I could tell they didn’t believe that was what it was because it was so rare.
Later, on the surface, I had to have some sort of scary operation, but something happened that canceled it. It was something about Denny’s and another restaurant having a competition, or a get-together, or a debate, or a legal battle, or a concert. Some lady was talking about how she and her family were going to go, and that it was a ‘dress-up-nicely’ event, and that they had gone early and won hoodies. I was just glad there was no operation for me. My friend Dustin was in the dream and he had a lisp for some reason. He was involved in the having of operations too or something like that.
Sometime after that encounter, I woke up.

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