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Monday, December 6, 2010


I just got hooked on an awesome game, and took three of my siblings in to the addiction. Minecraft! It's a fun constructive game where possibilities of construction are endless! Right now I'm making my own world on it and making a fictional journal about it. Here's a screenshot of a piece of my work:
In this picture you can see, rising out of the forest, a scarlet tower. The staircase is already built, and the walls just need refinishing. Besides this tower I'm working on, I've also built a castle, several small houses, a Great Bridge, and a mountain tunnel.
It's an awesome game and I suspect I'll be hooked for quite some time. You're invited to join and share your construction accomplishments!

Wikipedia article
Minecraft Website

And if anyone can figure out how to make a private server... let me know. Cuz that'd be awesome.

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