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Where Am I? (FAQ and Welcome)

Where am I?

You, my friend, have stumbled upon Pretzel Lectern, possibly the oddest blog on the net. I started this blog in 2010 as a way to showcase my writing, and to post my thoughts about personal issues (basically just complain). It may have been more normal when it began. However, as time passed, I soon dedicated it to showcase all of the creative projects I make.

Projects? What do you mean by that?

Well, go ahead and click Project List on the side there if you want to know my definition of a project. I love to work on and create things, whether it be movies, stories, video games, comics, board games, or anything else there is to create. It's as if my unwritten goal is to create one of everything just to see if I can, and to appreciate other creators a bit more.

How do I navigate this site?

Pretzel Lectern is obviously set up by blogger, so it's much like any other blog. There are posts in the center view of the page (I try to post something at least once every week or two), but these side gadgets may help you look more deeply into my personal priorities concerning creativity. The Latest tells you what I've been up to lately, and each Page showcases lists of things for my own organization purposes or larger projects I've been working on. Feel free to comment on anything you see, ask questions, or email me at abelhawk@gmail.com.

What can I expect to find here?

As I said, I showcase projects, but I also muse on interesting thoughts I have. I have very specialized interests, which is probably why this blog is unknown to most people. But I'm sure there is something for everyone here. You'll be sure to find something interesting if you look hard enough. I would suggest taking a look through the archives.

What does the name Pretzel Lectern come from?

When I decided to make a blog, I knew I had to come up with a good, solid name for it that had both personal significance and an aesthetic ring to it. After about an hour of deliberation, I decided that Pretzel Lectern sounded good. I love and eat pretzels more than the average person, and the word 'lectern' denotes a sense of writing or reading something with a purpose.

Will you take project suggestions?

Of course! Please! This site is largely unknown, so I mostly just do personal projects whenever they sound interesting. But if you suggest something, chances are I'll do my best to make it. There isn't exactly that much demand.

Who are you?

Here I go by Abelhawk, but my name is mentioned several times throughout random posts. I also go by this name in a myriad of other areas. Subscribe to Abelhawk on YouTube for weird videos, or search for 'Abelhawk' on online games, and it'll most likely (it had better) be me. Thanks for visiting, and don't be a stranger!

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