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The Search for the End

The documenting of my Minecraft adventure to beat the game! Mouse over the pictures for their original titles.
Entry 1: The Search Begins
Entry 2: Dungeons
Entry 3: Lava in the Deep
Entry 4: A Breath of Fresh Air
Entry 5: Diamonds!
Entry 6: Underground Victory
Entry 7: Obsidian
Entry 8: Welcome to Hell
Entry 9: Hellish Encounters
Entry 10: Surviving in a Damned World
Entry 11: The Dark Fortress
Entry 12: Blaze Rods
Entry 13: Brewing
Entry 14: Exploration
Entry 15: Caught in the Rain
Entry 16: The Canyon
Entry 17: Enchanting!
Entry 18: Ender Pearls
Entry 19: Eyes of Ender
Entry 20: Forest of the Stronghold
Entry 21: The Village
Entry 22: The Second Expedition
Entry 23: Humanity at Its Finest
Entry 24: Inside the Stronghold
Entry 25: Library of the Ancients
Entry 26: The End PortalEntry 27: Lost in the Nether
Entry 28: The Nightmare
Entry 29: Awakening
Entry 30: Recovery
Entry 31: Ender Hunting
Entry 32: Gateway to the End
Entry 33: The Time Has Come
The End Realm
Entry 34: The Quest is Over
Entry 35: The Literal End
I hope you enjoyed my adventure as much as I did! Stay tuned for Episode 2: Advent of the Wither

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